CA MICS abends with BAS00107E when records deleted in USRxxxx exits and cccACRT.

Document ID : KB000024010
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA MICS DAILY will abend with a BAS00107E error if records are deleted in an exit. 


Set SKIP_REC=1 instead of coding the SAS DELETE statement to drop observations in exit code where this option is supported. CA MICS will take care of deleting the record and updating the user deleted record count. Review the comments in the #fffEXIT members to identify the exits where SKIP_REC can be used. DELETE should never be used in cccACRT routines and SKIP_REC is not supported.

For accounting, use the journal file exit as documented in the Defining a Journal File Exit section of the Accounting and Chargeback Option's documentation to delete records that should not be passed to the journal file.