CA JCLCheck: Using CAZ1REXX how can we check that a DSN keyword was coded with no value ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are running CA JCLCheck using CAZ1REXX with the following code and the values for DD.DSN returns &0005.
If DD.DSN <> '' & DD.DSN <> 'NULLFILE' then 
'CAZ1REXX - DSN value cannot be null.'
Why is the value  being returned with &0005?
Could you please provide a sample to check the value in DD.DSN when no value is coded with the JCL keyword DSN ?




Normal JCLCheck processing is to build an internal dataset name like &0005 when the JCL DSN keyword was coded with no value.
Here is a sample REXX code  which allows you to flag as an severe error when the DSN was coded with no value in the JCL.
            SUBSTR(DD.DSN,1,1)  = '&'   then 
Call $CAJCL_ERROR 'S',                       
'CAZ1REXX - DSN value cannot be null.'       

Additional Information:


Refer to the CA JCLCheck Workload Automation documentation,  Using Section:  How to Use the JCLCheck REXX Programming Interface.




Refer to the IBM z/OS REXX manuals for complete documentation about using variables and expressions with REXX langauge.