CA JCLCheck new sample REXX execs

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Last Modified Date : 14/01/2019
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CA JCLCheck release 12.0 APAR # RO99947 adds two new sample REXX execs: CAZ1REX2 for JCLCheck, and CAZ1NRX2 for JCLNeat.
Existing sample REXX execs (CAZ1REXX, CAZ1NREX) from the CA JCLCheck CAZ2CLS0 library uses IF/THEN/ELSE logic to select the reason for processing.  New sample REXX execs (CAZ1REX2, CAZ1NRX2) replaced IF/THEN/ELSE logic with SELECT/WHEN statements.  The change was made to improve REXX performance when running a large number of JCL's through JCLCheck using the STDREXX runtime option. 
CA JCLCheck release 12.0
Changes to your existing REXX execs are optional.  If you experience any performance issue relating to the REXX processing, try to replace the IF/THEN/ELSE logic in the DO WHILE $CAJCL_REASON <> 'EOR'  section with the SELECT/WHEN statements as shown in the new sample REXX execs.
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How to activate the CA JCLCheck - JCLNEAT REXX Interface: