CA InterTest for CICS users who run with IBM's HOURGLASS may receive an automatic breakpoint reporting an Invalid Machine Instruction (ABP code 02) after an upgrade to z/OS 2.2.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 InterTest for CICS users may encounter unexplained automatic breakpoints, error code 02, indicating an Invalid Machine Instruction (S0C1) on a Cobol DISPLAY command or a MOVE FUNCTION CURRENT DATE.  Users are unable to continue debugging Cobol programs that contain one or more of these commands.       



CICS regions executing on a z/OS 2.2 system with maintenance applied to HOURGLASS.  



The DISPLAY or MOVE FUNCTION CURRENT DATE branches into CEEPLPKA at an entry point unknown to the current IN25UEXI.  This causes InterTest to follow the program flow and monitor CEEPLPKA rather then suspending monitoring at the branch.



Apply CA InterTest fix RO92402 which adds the correct code signature to the UEXIDATE member of InterTest r9.1 CABAMAC.  Reassemble IN25UEXI and ensure the updated UEXIDATE copybook is included as input to the assembly step.

After reassembling IN25UEXI and in order to pick up the correct module:

  1. Stop Intertest using a CNTL=END command
    1. If prompted for a password, the default is $FUN
  2. Issue a CEMT NEWCOPY to INxxPGM2 - where xx=the CICS release.  For example, IN67PGM2 installed and used on a CICS/TS 4.2 region followed by a CEMT NEWCOPY to IN25UEXI.
    1. Be sure to issue the commands in the order specified, INxxPGM2 first, then IN25UEXI.    
  3. Restart Intertest using a CNTL=START command
  4. Once restarted, issue the command CORE=PGM=IN25PGM2@18%4 to display the current IN25UEXI
  5. Scroll through the module and assuming the fix is applied, you will see a literal, CEEYGMTH which points to the new entry point signature for this version of  CEEPLPKA.  
  6. Retest


Use Mon/Nom (Segmented Monitoring) to bypass the monitoring of the offending statement.

Additional Information:

Download RO92042 from the Download Center available on CA Support Online.

Details on the use of IN25UEXI and sample JCL to assemble the user exit can be found in both the CA InterTest for CICS Installation Guide and the CA InterTest for CICS Documentation wiki.

Segmented Monitoring is described in both the CA InterTest for CICS User Guide and the CA InterTest for CICS Documentation wiki