CA Intertest for CICS the PF10 key does not advance one instruction. Instead the client receives message CAIN2910.

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Last Modified Date : 26/09/2018
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The client is using Intertest CICS to debug a COBOL program. The client wants to single step through the program but when they press PF10 they receive message
CAIN2910 The key hit was not CLEAR, ENTER, or a valid PFKEY
The PF10 key is only valid when the programmer is stopped at a breakpoint. Then you can press PF10 to advance one line of code. In this case the programmer was not at breakpoint.
Instead the programmer was in the source listing display browsing the program source and setting breakpoints. You will notice when in the source listing facility the PF 10 key is not valid.
In the example below when in the source listing display PF key 10 and 11 have no description.
7 Backward  8 Forward    9 Next Wnd    10     11      12 Status
In order to single step invoke the program and stop at a breakpoint. Then PF10 is available as shown below and the programmer can single step through the source code.
7 Backward    8 Forward    9 Next Wnd     10 001 Verb     11 Backtrace     12 Status