CA IDMS MAPC gives DC367614 when attempting to compile a map

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA IDMS MAPC gives DC367614 when attempting to compile a map. The Errors and Codes manual does not give a clear explanation of what causes this message or what to do to correct it. 

This can happen in any CA IDMS environment where online mapping is used, regardless of release or operating system.

Most often, this error is the result of a procedural problem and not a bug. Here are some possible reasons for the DC367614 message: 

1) The map was created in IDD so it is IDD owned. 
2) The map is checked out to a user in EDB (Endevor/DB) and another user is trying to update it in MAPC. 
3) IDD security is turned on and the user does not have authorization in IDD to perform this function (i.e., The user trying to modify the map may not be registered to do so in IDD). 
4) This can be a problem left over from earlier releases, when batch utilities didn't check online check-outs. 






There are a few things you can check / try to resolve this: 

1- Try checking out this map in MAPC then releasing it with ADSM. 
2- If the error is caused by IDD security being on; then in IDD: 
    b- the same for SECURITY FOR IDMS-DC - turning these off may allow you to generate the map in MAPC and then release it;
  c- Alternatively, you could issue a MODIFY USER xxxxx AUTHORITY FOR UPDATE IS (entity type list including MAP).    d- In IDD, you may need to modify the userid of the user trying to do the map modification so they are registered to do that.

3- You can try to get current on the map in MAPC and select DELETE then DELETE CHANGES then MODIFY and RELEASE. You may then be able to process the map. 
4- You should be able to use an optional APAR to get around this, though we don't advise it on an ongoing basis. OPT00235 causes both batch utilities to ignore the checkout flags. You can try this if you need a quick fix.

Additional Information:

Basic information and details about using MAPC can be found in the 'Using CA ADS FOR IDMS' manual; the relevant material can be found here:  


Information about compiler security and IDD authorization can be found here: