CA Identity Manager Connector Xpress attributes are not staying on their custom account screens

Document ID : KB000010393
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using Connector Xpress to modify account screens, it is possible to create new tabs and new sections in each screen. After creating multiple New Page Sections and selecting the attributes you want in each you may see a problem where you save it but then all of the attributes bunch up into one New Page Section instead of staying where you put them. Then, the other page sections lose all of their attributes. 

Please note that the New Page Sections can be on the same tab or two (or more) different tabs. 






New Page Sections are all given the same default name of "New Page Section" until you rename them. Connector Xpress treats all sections with the same name as the same object. So, when you save it all of the attributes move to the first "New Page Section" object that you have. To fix this, rename each section before adding attributes to them. 

You can rename the sections by double clicking on the header and then filling in the name that you'd like.