CA Ideal VLS Library full error

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to resolve CA Ideal message IDADERRP19E - INTERR: LIB is full, LIB=libname


The first CA Ideal utility you want to run when you see error IDADERRP19E is a DISPLAY LIBRARY STATUS or DIS LIB STA. This will show you how full your VLS libraries are. If you see that the library is 100% full or close to it, the next utility you want to run is the VERIFY Integrity Utility against the VLS library. The Library Integrity Utility, Verify Library, is a batch utility that reads the index of a VLS library and checks its members against the dictionary facility to verify the member's consistency. The batch run produces a report identifying any members that do not match. Once you have the report you can start deleting any members that do not match using VLSUTIL DELETE. This will reclaim the space but you may still have some 'dead space' which was allocated for an update that never finishes. In this case, you may also want to run a BACKUP and RESTORE. All the VLS utilities are documented in the CA IPC Customization and Tuning Guide. The VERIFY Integrity Utility is discussed in the CA Ideal Administration Guide. We also have a TEC DOC TEC264379 titled What To Do When a VLS File Becomes Full.