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Last Modified Date : 09/10/2018
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A MERGE running at the same time as an ARCHIVE could delete the ARCHVOLS data set being created by the ARCHIVE. The job ends with RC0.
Can you provide some more details on when this can occur, and a bit more details on Run Merge stand-alone?
This problem was discovered once and it is link to running an Archive at the same time a Merge runs knowing that this Merge picked the Archvol just created and delete it before the Archive finished. 

So this situation is somehow difficult to reproduce. 

Most of the time the MERGE does not collect current Archvol data but it is done some times later after the Archive. 

Now the circumvention is to avoid as much as possible a Merge to run at the same time an Archive run and it should run alone. Or avoid collecting just created Archvols that a Merge can picked. 

So please apply this PTF SO04725 as soon as possible