CA Gen CALL EXTERNAL statement error when input string field contains a "&" character

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Last Modified Date : 07/02/2019
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PTF RTN86113 has following description but after installation when a CALL EXTERNAL input string field contains a "&" character, the web service call is still failing.

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                            
Gen uses CALL EXTERNAL to call external web services.                           
When a string field contains the "&" character, this is not correctly           
xml-encoded as "&".                                                         
So the resulting xml for the soap request is not well-formed                    
and the web service call fails.                                                 
This problem was reported in Case 00517042.                                     
Calling of external web services fails.                                         
Action diagram with call external statement fails.                              
In the string field replace & with "&amp"                 

Gen 8.6
The original CALL EXTERNAL fix made for Gen 8.5 in RTN85020 (iefabrt85n.dll) inadvertently did not get included in the Gen 8.6 MULTIPLE FIX PTF RTN86113/SO03986.
The fix was correctly included in RTN86120 (iefabrtn.dll) which Supersedes RTN86113.
Additional Information:
PTF RTN86120 / SS07143