CA Faver RESTORE fails due to a now invalid DATACLAS definition. The GV011 - MISSING RESTORE DESCRIPTION message is issued.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A VSAM cluster was backed up and was now being restored. The old data class was not big enough. In this case. the file exceeded a 4GB limit and the customer received a GV011 - MISSING RESTORE DESCRIPTION error message. The customer had a new class with DataClass=Y in DFSMS. He needed the correct syntax to redirect the restore to the new data class.


z/OS 1.13 and above with active SMS managed storage groups


These CA Faver control statements can be used as a sample to send the restore to the new data class.


CLUSTER           *AMS      -

   CLUSTER(NAME(     -

                 STORCLASS(newstorcls)       -

                 DATACLAS(abcx)                  -

   DATA(NAME(  -



Everything after the *AMS is a standard IDCAMS syntax. You are overriding the actual DEFINE that was stored during the CA Faver export process.

Additional Information:

You may need to do some fine tuning depending on how your JCL is set up and the specifics of your system. Please see the CA Faver User Guide for in depth details