CA Endevor BC1PNCMP abended with CODE=U0073 and ICE073A

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Last Modified Date : 15/01/2019
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When tried to update an element with Quick-Edit and Foreground, received the "ENDEVOR - BC1PNCMP ABENDED CODE=U0073" and "ICE073A 2 D02407 .SPFENVY VARIABLE RECORD TOO LONG" message.
Also, tried to update an element with Batch, the same error occurs when processing multiple elements.
Endevor checks the difference between the old record and the new one when the element is updated. If the comparison length of the source exceeds 2000 in the TYPE definition or the data amount is large, Endevor may require SORT program for its internal process.
If SORTWK DD  is not explicitly specified in the JCL and the DYNAUTO=NO is defined in DFSORT, the SORTWK is not allocated automatically the Abend  “ENDEVOR - BC1PNCMP ABENDED CODE=U0073” which indicates insufficient SORTWK, may be issued.

When calling the SORT dynamically, Endevor does not request SORTWK. So, the allocation depends on the DFSORT default setting.
If DYNAUTO=NO is defined in the DFSORT default setting, SORTWK is not allocated automatically. As a result, this error occurs.

Please allocate some SORTWK with DFSPARM DD and/or $ORTPARM DD in the LOGON PROC, Skeleton JCL and/or Processor.

For Batch;
Please define the $ORTPARM DD in skeleton JCL and allocate some SORTWK by DYNALLOC=(sysda,n).

1. Please check whether DFSPARM DD or $ORTPARM DD is defined in LOGON PROC of Endevor.
When there is no DD, please proceed to 2.
When there is DD, please proceed to 3.

2. Please check whether other products used by LOGON PROC dynamically use $ORTPARM DD.
When there is no DD, please proceed to 3.
When there is DD, please create new LOGON PROC for Endevor and proceed to 3.

3. Please define $ORTPARM DD and specify DYNALLOC=(sysda,n) in LOGON PROC to allocate SORTWK.
If you can not change LOGON PROC, please allocate $ORTPARM DD dynamically with CLIST and etc... before starting Endevor.
Additional Information:
If PARMDDN=ddname is specified in the installation option of DFSORT, $ORTPARM DD can not be used.
When define ddname in PARMDDN, it is given priority to over DFSPARM DD. Therefore the above workaround is not effective.

Please see the IBM z/OS DFSORT document for the DFSPARM DD and/or $ORTPARM DD.