CA Embedded Entitlements Manager - Enable elevated logging

Document ID : KB000107028
Last Modified Date : 18/07/2018
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This is a quick document on how to increase the logging levels for CA Embedded Entitlements Manager server side logs.
Stop the igateway service/process.
Open server.xml located here : /EmbeddedEntitlementsManager/config/logger
At the bottom of the file starting approximately on line 118, change <level value="info"/> to <level value="debug"/> for the following loggers
eiam.server.ldap --- this is for use when EEM is connected to an external directory server.
If you make a copy of this file before making changes, move the copy outside of the EEM install folder structer. If you leave it in place it will cause problems.
Restart the igateway service/process, and recreate the issue

Once the issue is replicated and the logs (/EmbeddedEntitlementsManager/logs) are collected, restore the debug values to info. If you made a copy of the original, just restore that original file and restart the igateway service/process again.