CA Easytrieve runtime requirements

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Last Modified Date : 27/11/2018
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What is needed in the runtime environment once an Easytrieve program has been complied and linked? Can this load module be moved to another LPAR where CA Easytrieve is not installed?
You need:
- The 6F LMP key.
- All modules of SMP/E FUNCTION CBAAB60.
- Optionally, you need libraries when using additional options like SQL for DB2.

Here are some details about these requirements:

CA Common Services with a valid "6F" LMP key must be installed.
"6F" is the CA Easytrieve Runtime option LMP key.

FMID CBAAB60 contains the runtime component for release 11.6.
An appropriate SMP/E report is going to list the modules belonging to this FMID (about 170 modules from the CBAALOAD library).
We recommend to copy the CBAALOAD library to the target LPAR and make it available (e.g. via LINKLIST or STEPLIB) when executing the load module (which was compiled on the other LPAR).

If the Easytrieve program contains DB2 SQL statements, for instance, you need the CA Pan/SQL for DB2 CAILIB on the target LPAR as well.
The same is true when using other options like CA Datacom/DB, etc..
Additional Information:
One additional remark:
You don't need necessarily the //EZOPTBL DD statement when executing the load module. If you did execute the JOB06OP1 job in the CBAAJCL data set, this job also assembled and link edited an EZTINI module, which contains the DSN of the options table file.
The EZTINI module is required for CA Easytrieve program execution when the execution JCL does not contain an //EZOPTBL DD statement.