CA DRAS server is not available for security check

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Last Modified Date : 21/09/2018
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At an attempted logon,users receive the following message:

CA DRAS Server is not available for the security check function. Contact your System Administrator.

Normally, no users will be able to login until System Admin intervention resolves the issue.  


This message is generally caused by one or more of these condtions: 

  • Incorrect configuration
  • The primary DRAS license server being hung or down
  • A failure in the CCI connection to that DRAS
  • A temporary network problem
  • Backleved maintenance
  • Timeouts not set appropriately for usage
  • Heap Size is too small (this will be intermittent generally)

If this is the first time you are bringing up Web Viewer:

  • Make sure that you have the 4Q LMPKEY applied on the LPAR where the DRAS is running.  The primary DRAS is you one that was selected during configuration with the configtool.  If you have questions about this, contact CA Support for more information.
  • Rerun the configtool and select system configuration, followed by CCI.  Fill in the values, or accept the ones that you already entered and test.
    This will verify the CCITCP or CCISSL is up and running.  If correct, Save.
  • Check your in the config subdirectory under your install directory for the DRAS parameters to verify that they are correct:
    • LICENSE.SystemID= The name of the LPAR where the DRAS license server is running.
    • LICENSE.DRASServer=   The name of the DRAS server.  You can find it in the DRAS log, for example: Server ID          = DRASSVR 

            If they are not correct, rerun the configtool and after selecting system configuration, select DRAS to do                         discovery.  When the discovery comes back with a list, select the number of the server that you want.  Do not               select "No Change".

If this was previously working:

  1. Retry the connection attempt to assure the issue was not a temporary network condition
  2. Otherwise, recycle DRAS.  If this resolves the problem, do NOT recycle Web Viewer.  Make a note that this is what restored functionality
  3. If reycyling DRAS does not resolved the problem recycle Web Viewer using Tomcat or Websphere.
  4. Make sure you have the latest build - SO01856 CUMULATIVE BUILD 185 FOR WEB VIEWER 12.1 or higher FOR V12.1 This has updated CCI logic for better recovery in the event of a broken connection plus added error logging.
  5. Follow these instructions to increase the idle timeout value for CCI:
    KB000044437 How to Increase idle timeout value with CA CCISSL and CCITCP
  6. Apply CCIMVS 14.1 APAR RO97199 CCI HANG IN SEND TO PC (with pre reqs)
  7. If you still have problems, please setup CCI client side logging as follows and contact CA Support


a.   Edit OmCCITrace.cfg, in your <CAOMWV12_HOME>/config folder.

b.   Find the line:, A1

c.   Replace the line with:, A1

d. Edit OmJDrasTrace.cfg and add this statement at the bottom 


e. Wait three minutes for CA OM Web Viewer to get the updated logging settings

3.   Attempt to reconnect

4.   View wvtrace.log log in <CAOMWV12_HOME>/logs

Normally, you will see this message:

ERROR <Date> <Time> [http-bio-8080-exec-#] check - Unable to perform mainframe security logon check.  See CCI client or DRAS client logs, for more information.

5.   View ccitrace.log in <CAOMWV12_HOME>/logs

If you have a CCI problem, this log will include a message such as: 

ERROR <Date> <Time> [http-bio-8080-exec-#] erm.cciclient.cci.CCIClient.error: init - CCIInit Exception:



·        If you see this or a similar message, assure CCI server settings are correct. 

·        If you are sure your CCI settings are correct, restart CA OM Web Viewer.

·        On IBM Web Sphere, you can simply restart the Web Application.  On Tomcat, please restart the Tomcat server.

·        If you are still having CCI problems, please contact CA Support.

7.   View jdrastrace.log in <CAOMWV12_HOME>/logs

       If you have no CCI error the problem may be logged in your DRAS logs as follows: 


ERROR <Date> <Time> [http-bio-8080-exec-#] omgmt.drascci.cci.OmCCIInterface.error: CCILocateServers - Unable to Locate DRAS – DRAS_INVALID through - Primary RC - 8 - Secondary RC - 6 - No Receiver online


·        If you see this or a similar message, assure CA DRAS License server settings are correct. 

·        If you are sure your CA DRAS License server settings are correct, restart the CA DRAS specified in your configuration. 

·        If this does not resolve your problem, restart CA OM Web Viewer.  On IBM Web Sphere, you can simple restart the Web Application.  On Tomcat, please restart the Tomcat server.

If this was previously working and is intermittent:
Users are seeing this from time to time.


  • Please review  KB000009663 to check and increase your heap size if needed:

How to Increase your Java Heap size with CA Web Viewer 12.1



Additional Information:
Please contact CA Support if you are still having the problem.