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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have installed CA DRAS version 11.5 which is meant to work with CA BUNDL version 5.0. However, we are receiving a "BUNDOP09 VSAMINIT FAILED" message. As a result, users are unable to access the CA Bundl repository. 


Why are we getting this error and how can it be prevented?


The cause of this error is most likely related to your ACCESS REPOSITORY configuration statement. The ACCESS REPOSITORY statement includes a "PATH" parameter. The values specified for the PATH parameter must match that of the CA LSERV started tasks "SSNAME" value (SSN$) as well as the 4 character CA Bundl VSAM file prefix value (DDN$) that you are trying to access. 


In the example below, the value specified for SSN$ is "LSRV" and the value specified for DDN$ is "DPMF". 




If you are not sure what the SSNAME (SSN$) value is for the CA LSERV task that is servicing the CA Bundl VSAM files and/or you are not sure of the DDN$ value being used, you can do a mainframe logon to CA Bundl and on the primary options screen, in the COMMAND line, type SYSID and hit the enter key. 


The values for SSN$ and DDN$ being used for the CA Bundl region that you have logged on to will be shown in the TOP left hand corner of your screen. 


Once you have identified the correct SSN$ and DDN$ values, update the appropriate CA DRAS configuration members ACCESS REPOSITORY statement with the correct values. Then recycle your CA DRAS task.

Additional Information:

For an explanation of the BUNDOP09 message, as well as other CA DRAS and repository related error messages that may be received when running version 11.5 of CA DRAS, you can refer to the following document:


CA DRAS Installation and Operation Guide 1.0