CA Dispatch's use of a CAIENF Datacom database

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Does CA Dispatch require that a CAIENF CA Datacom database be installed and/or that the CA Dispatch related events be recorded?


Regarding the ENF EVENTS, how CA Dispatch uses them, whether or not the CA Datacom database (MUF) should be installed, and if/why the EVENTS should be recorded...
CA Dispatch is capable of providing some functionalities that are not CRITICAL to the processing of reports, but that can provide some nice little features that some of our clients like to exploit.
The 4 functionalities that CA Dispatch is capable of providing, that are enabled through ENF EVENTS, are:


 1. Getting your CA Dispatch Bundle Queued STATUS records updated from BQ to BP
    and actually listing the print time. These are the records that you
    see when you select option 4 from the main menu.
 2. Invoking Abend Handling (As defined on the VRDMU110 - REPORT BASE
 3. Displaying abend information in the TERM field on the VOVMI200 MSGCLASS
    JOB SELECTION screen.
 4. Determining the generation of PC download requests for those clients
    who download reports from CA Dispatch online viewing to their PC's.
CA Dispatch also performs a "catch up" process known as the CHECKPOINT process every time it is started. The CHECKPOINT function causes us to go out and identify all of the EVENTS that had taken place while Dispatch was down. If the events are not recorded, CA Dispatch may not find the events necessary to perform the afore mentioned functionalities correctly or accurately.


The bottom line is...
If you want any/all of the CA Dispatch functionalities that are enabled through EVENTS to work consistently and correctly "all of the time" and across recycles and IPL's, then you will be required to have the CA Datacom database (MUF) installed and you MUST specify RECORD(YES) to record the
events so that CA Dispatch can find them when it does it's checkpoint function.


* If you do not wish to exploit any of the 4 functionalities mentioned above then you are NOT REQUIRED to install the CA Dispatch DCM/EVENTS nor would you need to record events on ENF CA Datacom/MUF database.


* If you chose not to install the CA Dispatch DCM related events into ENF, then DO NOT START the Dispatch STATUS subtask or you WILL receive errors and the STATUS subtask of CA Dispatch will abend.

Additional Information:

For information/details on "How to Define CA Datacom/AD 14.0 Multi-User Facility (MUF) for Use
with CAIENF 14.1" please refer to Knowledge Document TEC588728.