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Last Modified Date : 27/06/2018
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Using CA Disk DSCL to execute commands, it is possible to define in  EXCLUDE TABLE=  operand the name of a member present in the parmlib data set that contains a list of data set names and patterns that are to be excluded from CA Disk processing.
Up to 30 Table names can be specified in this operand and by default, these tables are stored in PARMLIB. However, you can store them in an alternative data set if you desire.

Is there any internal CA Disk 12.5  check that could limit the size of this table and that could be adjusted using any product SYSPARM or customization?

Z/OS - CA Disk 
Once an external table is used, there is no more any limitation into CA Disk  product regarding the table size. The only possible limit can be provided by the amount of region available to the job using the table.
It should be underlined that using or not a TABLE will not change the storage usage, as the control blocks are built by the amount of data present into the TABLE.

It is possible to  use an alternate library, other than the CA Disk PARMLIB,  where all exclude members will be created by specifying the SYSPARM parameter TABLESDDPARMLIB.
Specifying this sysparm instructs CA Disk to use that DDname for retrieving the PARMLIB entries specified by TABLES= on the DSCL FIND, DSCL SELECT/EXCLUDE and the FMS SELECT/EXCLUDE commands. 
The use of this sysparm requires that the user add a DD statement in the jobstep equal to that of this sysparm.