CA-Disk EDM ARCHVOLs entries from physical tapes left in database and CA-1 TMS

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Last Modified Date : 02/01/2019
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Hello, We no longer have physical tapes, but we noticed that old disaster recovery copy volumes from CA-Disk are still left in the CA-Disk database and CA-1 s TMC. Of course the CA-Disk volumes are EDM volumes so they have a "PERMANENT" expiration date. I'm not sure of how to remove these entries from CA-Disk so that they can be eventually scratched by CA-1 and eventually remove them from the TMC and the volcat for those volsers. What is the proper procedure for removing these obsolete EDM volumes from CA-Disk so they can be scratched and deleted from the TMC and volcats? 
Some Archvols records become problematic because of abends or other processing
anomalies that causes them to not be deleted in the normal IXMAINT processes.
The only way to get rid of these problem records is the REPARCH utility that 
is described in the CA Disk Systems Guide, about pg 445, under the topic:
Repair Archvols (REPARCH) Utility.
First, do a run with the command: REPARCH SIMULATE
Review the output and if the listed volmes are okay to be removed, 
then run with just this command:  REPARCH
This is the only utility that will remove these problem records.