CA Disk 12.5 : Conversion from DFHSM MCDS conversion. ADSDM120 4590 dsname MODIFIED AFTER HSM RECALL, BYPASSING ARCHIVE

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Last Modified Date : 18/06/2018
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CA Disk 12.5.
DFSMShsm to CA Disk Conversion.
MCDS conversion. 

After all the datasets have been Recalled by DFHSM and during their CA Disk Archive with Option ARCTMDTE (to maintain the same information coming from DFSMShsm MCDS), it can happen that for some of them the Archive fails with error message:


even if the dataset has never been changed by the DFHSM Recall and the conversion cannot end correctly.
How to bypass this error and progress with the MCDS Conversion?  
Z/OS - DFSMShsm - CA Disk 
CA Disk GA PTF RO99726 introduces and documents a new SYSPARM :

Valid for DFHSM conversion. This sysparm controls whether the DFHSM to CA Disk conversion program will check whether a data set has been modified between the recall from HSM and the job to re-archive it. The default is Y, meaning that the "Modified Since Recall" bit in the DSCB is honored during the the re-archive process. In some cases during conversion, DFHSM recalls the data sets, and they appear to be modified. With the default setting of Y, CA Disk bypasses these data sets for conversion.  Message 4590 is issued to indicate the data set was not re-archived. We strongly recommend that you first attempt the conversion with the default value of Y. After investigation, if the DFHSM recall itself caused the modification bit to be set, the "re-archive" check can be bypassed by setting this sysparm to N. This allows CA Disk to proceed to re-archive the remaining data sets.

When the error 4590 occurs, in order to establish if the dataset has been really changed by the DFHSM Recall or not, it is possible to follow the below steps: 

1. run again the CA DISK ARCHIVE job that was getting error 4590 using the card: 


but with the following additional diagnostic DDs added to the job: 


2. The sysout obtained will report for each dataset involved the following additional options listed after the error message 4590:
11:23:07.73 ADSDM560 GET TOKEN AND DATA, RC = 0 TOKEN = 00009BE8 00000000 00000000 00000000 
11:23:07.74 ADSDM120 H2DFLAG = Y H2DMODCK = Y 
11:23:07.74 ADSDM120 4590 DS1DSIND=82 
It is important to underline the content of field DS1DSIND (that is the DSCB MODIFICATION BIT) . If it is set to 82 (like in the above sample) that means the DSCB MODIFICATION BIT is OFF, so the dataset has never been changed by DFHSM Recall. 

3. If for all the datasets involved the DS1DSIND value is 82 (so the MODIFICATION BIT is OFF), this means that the datasets have never been changed by the DFHSM Recall so it is possible to rerun the CA Disk Archive job using ARCTMDTE cards and setting SYSPARM H2DMODCKN to bypass the CA Disk check of this bit.
In this way the CA Disk Archive using ARCTMDTE (to report in CA Disk the same information contained in the DFHSM MCDS) will end correctly.

Anyway, if even after this activity, the problem occurs again, Please open a Case with CA Support.