CA Directory r12.5/r12.6 installation (or upgrade from r12.0) steps (Windows)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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NOTE: This doc can also be utilized as an upgrade guide from r12.0 to r12.5/r12.6. It also covers the scenarion where there is a dedicated host in place for DXwebserver (aka DXmanager) and/or new Management UI.

If any of your host contains (or plan to contain) both components, you can ignore refernces to HOSTA and HOSTB while following the same steps.


CA Directory upgrade from r12.0 to r12.5/r12.6 (or new install) on HOSTA


When it prompts to setup ‘DXagent’ make sure to:


  •  Uncheck SSL option (that is to use your own certificates)
  • Give any name you wish for cert generation.
  • Give any password you wish.


NOTE: For the name I used ‘wooo’ and for password, I used ‘password01’.


At the end of the install/upgrade, you will notices the following:








Here is how Services Panel now looks like:






In the above, the highlighted one is newly created service (DXagent) as part of upgrade to r12.5/r12.6 (from r12.0). The two above already existed as part of original install of r12.0 where the first one is the DSA itself and the second one is DXadmind process that communicates with remote DXmanager/DXwebserver component on HOSTB.



Mgmt. UI upgrade from DXmanager on HOSTB


On this host, CA Directory r12.0 was NOT installed. Only DXmanager/DXwebserver component was installed.

NOTE: Installing (or upgrading to) r12.5/r12.6 mgmt. UI component will also install CA Directory r12.5/r12.6 under the covers by default so it can create the mgmt. UI DSA. After the install, you will notice:


Here is how Services Panel now looks like:





In the above, the highlighted one was already there (which is old r12.0 based DXmanager/DXwebserver). The two above are created new as part of r12.5/r12.6 mgmt. UI install.


Now on HOSTB you log into mgmt. UI with following information:


login: admin
password: C@D1r3ct0ry




And create a new environment:






Once created, you ‘Add a host’ to this environment: (this will be HOSTA where DXserver and your DSAs are running). This will be your DXmanager created and managed DSA.





To configure adding a host, you will need the root CA, cert and key that were created during ‘DXagent’ setup on HOSTA (CA Directory r12.5/r12.6 host). See screenshots at the top of this doc.

You will be copying/pasting the entire content of each of the following three files in it’s appropriate location in ‘Create Host’ screen. All three certs below are on HOSTA (and not on this HOSTB where you have installed mgmt. UI)


CA Cert* : This will be the content of %DXHOME%\dxagent\openssl-ca\CA\certs\ca.pem
Client Cert* : This will be the content of %DXHOME%\dxagent\openssl-ca\out\wooo.pem
Client Key* :  This will be the content of %DXHOME%\dxagent\openssl-ca\out\wooo.key





After clicking on ‘Create’ followed by ‘Ok’, you will end up with:






Now click on ‘Topology’ icon (left of your screen… see below)





And you will arrive at:




As you can see, this is the same DSA that was originally created, deployed and managed by previous r12.0 DXmanager UI and now imported and visible via new r12.5/r12.6 mgmt. UI.


You can also click on the DSA name itself and you will see available options in the right panel where you can start, stop, edit etc.






The same can be done via ‘DIT’ screen as well:





And after starting the DSA, you will see: