CA Directory DSA out of sync

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In this document we will describe how to manually sync CA Dir DSAs, we have two DSAs, one working fine and other out of sync.

CA Directory 12.x

Notes about the instructions:

- CADir1 is the hostname of CA Dir Server ok

- CADir2 is the hostname of CA Dir Server out of sync



- From CA Dir Server <DSAName>-CADir1 run the command: 

dxdisp <DSAName>-CADir1


- From CA Dir <DSAName>-CADir2 run the command: 

dxdisp <DSAName>-CADir1 


- From CA Dir machine <DSAName>-CADir1 where the data is ok, connect to the DXConsole and run the command below: 

dump dxgrid-db; 


- It will generate a file with extension ".zdb" under "dxserver/data" folder 

- Stop CA Dir Server with problem, <DSAName>-CADir2. ( dxserver stop all ) 

- Delete/Move the files "<DSAName>-CADir2xxxx.db" and "<DSAName>-CADir2xxxx.tx" 

- Copy the ".zdb" file FROM <DSAName>-CADir1 "dxserver/data" folder TO <DSAName>-CADir2 "dxserver/data" folder 

- Do not copy the .TX file, only .ZDB 

- Rename to .DB file to match the DSA name from the <DSAName>-CADir2 

- Restart DSAs from CA Dir machine, <DSAName>-CADir2 

- Stop CA Dir Server ok, <DSAName>-CADir1. ( dxserver stop all ) 

- Start CA Dir Server ok, <DSAName>-CADir1. ( dxserver start all )


You need to restart the <DSAName>-CADir1 because the message in the <DSAName>-CADir1 log file:


* [5] 20160919.112602.056 DSA_W2680 Multiwrite queue (<DSAName>-CADir2) greater than 100% full 

* [5] 20160919.112602.065 DSA_E2760 Multiwrite: Operation disabled for DSA <DSAName>-CADir2



After restart, <DSAName>-CADir1 will reconnect to <DSAName>-CADir2 and start MW.



Additional Information:

More detailed information about MW and Synchronization, you can find in the Tech Doc tec479507, see link below: