CA DCD Classifiers implementation

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Last Modified Date : 20/12/2018
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We are looking for additional  Classifiers
We are looking for these below Classifiers
Please could help us to understand the simple method to implement DCD solution?
Or Are these already defined inside the solution? Zip Code (Italian) Country Telephone Number (Italian) International Bank Account Number (IBAN) Mac address Passport Number (Italian) European health insurance card (TEAM) City Province (Italian)
We do not provide out-of-the box classifiers for the categories you listed. Zip Code (Italian):
We suggest creating a custom data dictionary with all possible postal codes, if a list is available that can be used as input to file. That could be imported as a custom dictionary is defined in the UI. Country: Assuming country codes here, or country names, another custom data dictionary is suggested for this Telephone Number (Italian): A custom data dictionary of area codes/prefixes International Bank Account Number (IBAN): There may be a company that has IBAN account code formats available, like binbase in the U.S. These could be input to a custom dictionary. Mac address: Use a regex pattern for mac address delimited by semi-colon (:) or hyphen (-). You can search the internet for example regex patterns for mac addresses. Passport Number (Italian) we have some international passport classifiers, but not for Italy. You might be able to use the regex pattern of one of the European passport we provide. You can find these by creating a scan and viewing classifiers. Then you can view the actual pattern used by clicking the 'info' link and expand the 'View Included Regex Patterns'. European health insurance card (TEAM): Depending on how common the account id is for each issuing country, this is most likely addressed by a regex pattern. City Province (Italian) We suggest a custom data dictionary with all possible province names/codes.