CA Datacom Version 14.0 Production and test subsystems and subroutines

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You have 2 CA Datacom Multi-Users running on the same LPAR.

With CA Datacom versions prior to Version 14.0  you were using 2 separate SVC numbers, one for the test Multi-User and the second one for the production Multi-User. 

You have a requirement to separate the test from the production Multi-User. 

How can you accomplish this with CA Datacom Version 14.0 ? 



To provide the equivalent, the ability was built into CA Datacom to allow a Production (PROD) version to be installed for normal use and also a Test (TEST) version installed for testing the rare changes. Most users should not require use of the Test version.


You select the Production or Test version by using the keyword PC= in the DBSYSID Macro used to generate the DBSIDPR and related modules.

Specify PC=PRODUCTION or PC=PROD (the default) to request the Production Subsystem and subroutine.

Specify PC=TEST to request the Test Subsystem and subroutine.  


CAIRIM Installation

Example input to the CAIRIM execution follows. In the following example, the library must replace the LOADLIB data set name that contains the installed CA Datacom Version 14.0 code.

The first two statements install the Subsystem module DBPCCPR for Production.

The second two statements install the subroutine module DBPCSPR for Production.

If a Test version is needed, it would likely be in a different library and have the same module name, or it could be in the same library with a different name.

If required, change the data set name and the PCC/PCS= name and change PC=PROD to PC=TEST to install a test version.







Additional Information: 

See the CA Datacom Database and System Administration Guide  Version 14.0.