CA Datacom Server mainframe initialization fails with error DSV00119E - errno = 1, EDC9501I The name does not resolve for the supplie

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Datacom Server mainframe startup failed with errors:

  DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded                          

  DSV00119E - errno = 1, EDC9501I The name does not resolve for the supplie                                                                 

  DSV00120E - TCP/IP startup failed see DSV00119E for cause  





An invalid TCPIP_HOST= value was specified in the CA Datacom Server startup options.


The value must be a legitimate host name or IP address. 

IBM TSO HOMETEST command is one way to determine the valid IP addresses on the Lpar.

Example  TSO HOMETEST display:

 EZA0619I Running IBM MVS TCP/IP CS VvRr TCP/IP Configuration Tester            

 EZA9431I FTP.DATA file not found. Using hardcoded default values.              

 EZA0602I TCP Host Name is: xxxxxxxx                                            

 EZA0605I Using Name Server to Resolve xxxxxxxx                                 

 EZA0611I The following IP addresses correspond to TCP Host Name: xxxxxxxx      

 EZA0612I 123.456.68.90                                                         

 EZA0614I The following IP addresses are the HOME IP addresses defined in PROFILE.TCPIP:                                                                       

 EZA0615I ... more...                               

 EZA0618I All IP addresses for xxxxxxxx are in the HOME list!      

 EZA0622I Hometest was successful - all Tests Passed!              


Additional Information:

If TSO HOMETEST does not answer the problem, pursue further with the Network Administrator.    

Google/Bing search for "IBM TSO HOMETEST".

Refer to the CA Datacom Server User Guide for additional information on startup options...