CA Datacom Orphan report to find and delete Datadictionary orphans to resolve error DOL001098C - ERPP - REL ERR. DUPLICATE RELATIONSHIP ADD

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Datacom/DB provides Datadictionary tool that lists and deletes "orphans". 

For example, when attempt to COPY an entity in DDOL and an orphan is detected, the copy fails and the following message is issued:


In such a situation, run an Orphan report and optionally delete any found orphans as described below (extracted from CA Datacom/DB System and Administration Guide): 

Listing/Deleting Datadictionary Orphans

Due to unexpected processing errors, it is possible that instances may exist in the Datadictionary Support Entity-types which do not have corresponding entity-occurrences. The Datadictionary Support entity-types are ALIAS, DESCRIPTOR, RELATIONSHIP, and TEXT. For example, a row may exist in the ALIAS table, but for some reason, the entity-occurrence referenced does not exist in the specific entity-type. These support occurrences are referred to as "orphans". The following facility can be used to both report on and, optionally, delete these orphans. The Orphan Report can be run using either DDUTILTY or DDUPDATE like any other report function.

Request Format

The format of the header transaction is as follows:

??? -RPT ORPHANS,entity ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? ,DELETE ??


(Required) Specifies the Support entity-type to be Processed. See Report Content (see page 1056) for descriptions of the various valid types.

Valid Entries:


Default Value:

(No default)


(Optional) Specifies that in addition to reporting the orphans located, the orphans are also to be deleted from Data dictionary.