CA Datacom MUF (version 14.0) ends normally, but SYSLOG and SYS1.LOGREC show X13E, X33E, and X47B errors

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Although the version 14.0 CA Datacom MUF ends normally, messages are found in the SYSLOG that indicate that there is a problem in the MUF address space. For example, one or more of these messages could appear:

04:44:04.90 00000294 IEA989I SLIP TRAP ID=X13E MATCHED. JOBNAME=DCOMMUF , ASID=0077.
04:44:06.27 STC12345 00000285 IEF404I DCOMMUF  - ENDED - TIME=04.44.06
04:44:06.29 00000294 IEA989I SLIP TRAP ID=X33E MATCHED. JOBNAME=*UNAVAIL, ASID=0077.
04:44:06.30 00000294 IEA989I SLIP TRAP ID=X47B MATCHED. JOBNAME=*UNAVAIL, ASID=0077.

These abends appear to be in a System Functional Recovery Routine (FRR), and show up in a SYS1.LOGREC (EREP) report.


This situation does not seem to indicate an error with the MUF shutdown processing or with any subsequent MUF startup. Nonetheless, we have produced a solution - RO43274 (DB 14.0 #155), "S47B ERRORS ON SYSTEM LOGREC FILE AFTER MUF TERMINATION" – that eliminates these SYS1.LOGREC entries.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.