CA Datacom CICS Services (DBC) DDMAP, DDOL1, or DDOL2?

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Last Modified Date : 27/06/2018
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Does CA Datacom CICS Services 15.x upgrade require any change to files DDMAP, DDOL1, or DDOL2?
There is no additional job or step that is needed for files DDMAP. DDOL1, and DDOL2 when upgrading the CA Datacom CICS (DBC) product.

DDMAP, DDOL1, and DDOL2 are VLS files from the CA Datacom/DB installation that are created or updated for the CICS region.

DDMAP gets created via CA Datacom/DB 15.x Active Upgrade job BDACTDD2 or standard upgrade job BDUPG09.
DDMAP is provided in VLS backup format in product provided member CABDDATV(DDMAPBKP).
DDMAP has the release dependent DDOL signon/signoff panels named #SCDDOF, #SCDDOH, and #SCDDON.
DDOL1 and DDOL2 are work files that are formatted when the CICS region is build for DDOL. 
Additional Information:
In a CICS region that has transaction DDOL, do CEMT INQ FILE.
Entry MDUOLL defines DDMAP
DDOFIL2 defines DDOL2

Refer to CABDSAMP(ADFCT) for the FCT entries.