CA Datacom Buffer ratio and requests per I/O

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Last Modified Date : 17/01/2019
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CA Datacom tuning with PXX Summary Statistics report.
What is a good range for Requests per Total I/O?
When looking at each of the four buffer pools IXX, DXX, DATANO, DATANO2  what is a good Used5+/Used1 ratio to aim for?


There is no recommended value for Requests per Total I/O. This varies form site to site. The idea is to make changes and try and reduce this value from what it currently is.

For the ratio of Used5+/Used1, the higher the better. Initially aim for the following targets:

  • IXX - 1000+
  • DXX - 500+
  • DATANO - 50+
  • DATANO2 - 50+

Additional Information:
See the webcast CA-Datacom Database Tuning 102: DB Performance Analysis video and pdf in the Datacom Video Library and CTC2016 CTC25 Performance Tuning in the CADRE Community.