CA Data Protection 'InternalMachineName' Setting

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Last Modified Date : 23/02/2018
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The CA Data Protection database relies on the use of Windows NetBios machine names to act as unique Database identifier for machines deployed with CA Data Protection components deployed.  

Occasionally a Data Protection component may need to be recovered to a machine with a different NetBios name, or the physical machine may become defunct and need replacing; the 'InetrnalMachineName' setting can be used to set to identify the new machine as an instance of the original machine.  

Failure to identify the new machine with the original machine name will result in install or upgrade errors like the one below:

Error 25004. Error writing database schema : Unknown error 0xe5630088 (-446496632) (code 0xe5630088). Description: ‘java.lang.Exception : wigan.Infrastruct.wgnException: Existing Database belongs to machine ‘ORIG-CMSDLP1’ installation cannot proceed.’

This correlation allows the new machine to function in the Data Protection hierarchy without the need to rename database entries.
Where is the 'InternalMachineName' setting deployed. 
CA Data Protection 15.x
The 'InternalMachineName' setting needs to be added to the file which is located in the "wgninstalldir% directory.  

For example
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Please note that disaster recovery, cloning and redundancy functionality is a bespoke function of each environment, if you require guidance on these functions, please discuss with your CA Account Manager.