CA CSM shuts down immediately after startup.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA CSM shuts down immediately after startup and the joblog shows message:

SEVERE: StandardServer.await: create[22150]: 

Throwable occurred: EDC8116I Address not available. 


This port number may not necessarily be 22150.



Apache tomcat, z/OS



The port number assigned as the tomcat shutdown port is being used by another server. It may also be reserved in TCP/IP to another server other than MSMTC but not necessarily being used at the moment the MSMTC startup failed with EDC8116I Address not available.



You can disable this shutdown port by changing it in server.xml from port 22150 to '-1' : <Server port="-1" shutdown="MSMTCEND">. The server.xml is located in the MSM runtime /tomcat/conf directory. 

server.xml is an ascii file so you will have to get to it from ISPF 3.17. In 3.17 select it with ea for edit ascii.


Additional Information:

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