CA Common Services for z/OS fix RO82009 instructs me to issue SETPROG,ADD,MODNAME=CAMSADRV,DSNAME=LNKLST,FIXED,PAGEPROTALL Why is this needed if CAMSADRV is not in LPA?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am applying maintenance to Common Services and the instructions included in a number of PTFs instruct me to issue the SETPROG LPA command, or one like it pointing at a different module. 


I understand this command, but why am I instructed to do this since CAMSADRV is not in the Common Services LPA library? 


The IBM documentation states that the SETPROG ADD,LPA will add the modules to dynamic LPA so they are picked up first.

Specific to the CA Master component of Common Services, this is a temporary setup since LPA is no longer required for CA Master at z/OS 1.13 and above. The required modules are found in the cai.CAW0LINK library and the next IPL will pick up the updated modules from linklist

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The SETPROG LPA command is discussed in the IBM Knowledge Center z/OS MVS System Commands under the section Managing dynamic LPA Content.