Infrastructure Deployment Wizard Agent Installation failure

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Last Modified Date : 19/10/2018
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Using the Infrastructure Deployment Wizard to install ITCM agent plugins works on some machines but many never get installed. CAM and dm_primer get installed and CAM communication to and from the DM works. The agent package 
appears to be transferred down to the agent and expanded into the \DMPrimer folder as well but the agents never get installed.
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This may be due to the inherent unreliability of using CAM messaging as a delivery mechanism.  Packet drops or message timeouts can result in the agent never getting the message to start the install.
Often decreasing the fragment size that CAM uses will result in more reliability.  Do the following on the Domain manager and scalability server(s) if pushing the agent via scalability server:

Browse to %cai_msq% from Start->Run. 
Change directory to $CAI_MSQ 
Check if 'CAM.CFG' exists

If it does not then STOP CAF and Recycle CAM:   camclose & cam start -c -l
run 'CAMSAVE CONFIG' which will generate a file called 'SAVE.CFG' in that folder. 
Rename 'SAVE.CFG' to 'CAM.CFG'. Its contents should look like below: 

# CAM config saved: <date & time>
fixed_paths = no
close_time = 60
client_hold = 60
connect_retry = 60
udp_port = 4104
tcp_port = 4105
spx_port = 4905
cas_port = 3104
dg_log_files = 8
dg_log_size = 64
dg_log = *
au_log_files = 8
au_log_size = 256
au_log = *
tr_log_files = 8
tr_log_size = 1024
tr_log = *
trace = none

Add the following entry under the *CONFIG section.
      Ex: fragment_size = 1024

Save the file.
Recycle the CAM services using the command:
   camclose && cam start -c -l
If that improves deployment success but some agents still not installing try a lower fragment size like 512.
Additional Information:
The following Technical Document has more information about CAM fragment size: