CA AXA 17.3 https implementation using Nginx is missing "Manage Apps" "Edit Profile" option

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Last Modified Date : 30/11/2018
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In CA AXA 17.3 on premise, after changing from http to https using Nginx, under the "Manage Apps" option the app definition no longer shows the "Edit Profile" option at the bottom of the page. This applies to all 4 App types ANDROID, IOS, WATCHOS, WEB APP.
CA AXA 17.3.x on-premise.
Nginx is blocking the request for the profile.html. 
To fix the problem please follow these steps:
1. Edit the nginx.conf file in directory /opt/ca/aoPlatform/nginx/nginx-1.13.6 and change the "location /admin" line as follows: 
location /admin { 

proxy_pass http://frontend; 

location ~ ^/admin { 

proxy_pass http://frontend; 

2. Restart Nginx using these commands: 
cd /opt/ca/aoPlatform/bin 
./ -ng 

3. Refresh the "MANAGE APPS"  app definition page and the "Edit Profile" option will now appear.
Additional Information:
17.3.0  & 17.3.1:
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