CA API Management: OAuth Toolkit 4.1 and newer are missing NoSQL Assertions

Document ID : KB000072670
Last Modified Date : 07/03/2018
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When viewing some of the OTK policies you may notice a reference to 'NoSQL' assertions are missing.

Missing Assertion
The NoSQL assertions are used exclusively with a Cassandra database. The policies however, are the same regardless of database type used. The built-in logic will allow the policy to first check for a MySQL/Oracle Database and if not found will proceed to check for a Cassandra DB.

As a result of this logic it will not cause any policy errors on a MySQL/Oracle system. 

Additional Information:
When upgrading you may notice that in older versions, OTK 4.0 and under, this was not the case. In versions prior to 4.1 all assertions were installed regardless of the database type defined. As of OTK 4.1 a component separation was introduced in the Solution Kit installer.

You can now specify set the type during the install and only lay down the required assertions.

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