CA API Gateway 9.x OVA File Support for ESX 6.5

Document ID : KB000111713
Last Modified Date : 21/08/2018
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At the moment this KB has been wrote, our Appliance OVA it is supported only to work with ESX 5.x or ESX 6.
Importing the CA API Gateway OVA into ESX 6.5, it would not work out of the box. 


In order for the following method to successfully convert the API Gateway 9.2 OVA to ESXi 6.5 compatibility you will require OVFtool version 4.2.2. 
This software can be downloaded from: 

Please note this method will produce an OVA that is only compatible with ESXi 6.5 

Once this has been installed from a command prompt run the following. 

ovftool <current ova name> <new esxi 6.5 compatible ova name> 

Here an example of the expected output: 

./ovftool ~/gateway-9.2.00-6904-vmware-rhel-x86_64.ova ~/gateway-9.2.00-6904-vmware-rhel-x86_64-esxi65.ova 
Opening OVA source: /Users/DOBBR01/gateway-9.2.00-6904-vmware-rhel-x86_64.ova 
The manifest validates 
Opening OVA target: /Users/DOBBR01/gateway-9.2.00-6904-vmware-rhel-x86_64-esxi65.ova 
Writing OVA package: /Users/DOBBR01/gateway-9.2.00-6904-vmware-rhel-x86_64-esxi65.ova 
Transfer Completed 
Completed successfully 

You will then be able to take the new OVA and import into 6.5 through the web based interface.