CA 7 12.0 : messages CAL2SM00I - CAL2SM01W never generated

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Last Modified Date : 15/01/2019
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CA 7 12.0 generates CAL2SM00I WTO messages at startup and each day at midnight. The messages show the percentage that is used of the current Datacom DB allocation for each data area.
Issuing the CA 7 command :


it is possible to get the current allocation usage. 

The reported percentage is from the current allocation only. If CA Datacom/AD can obtain another extent, the full percentage can later decrease. You can use this information with monitoring the number of extents that are allocated to the data set of a data area. The information can help determine whether you want to schedule a maintenance window to change allocation of a data area using CAL2JCL member AL2DCC40.

Here a sample output of this command: 

*** CA Datacom Information ***                                  
Area Name   Total Blocks   Used Blocks   Percent Full           
---------   ------------   -----------   ------------           
 AWH               4,500             2          0.04%            
 AWL               1,800             2          0.11%           
 AWS                 900             8          0.88%           
 DFS              49,500           110          0.22%           
 HIL                 900             2          0.22%           
 HIS               2,700         1,079         39.96%           
 IXX             216,000         3,772          1.74%           
 JOB               9,000            30          0.33%           
 MIN                   6             3         50.00%           

In addition, when any of the above DB Data areas uses over the 80% of its allocation, the warning message CAL2SM01W is also issued by CA7ONL. 
It can happen that message CAL2SM00I is not automatically generated at midnight and also that warning message CAL2SM01W is not issued even if any of the DB Data areas goes over the 80% of its allocation.

How to find the cause of this behavior? 
CA 7 messages CAL2SM00I and CAL2SM01W only appear if the option :


is specified in the INIT Statement of CA7ONL init deck .