C1G0030E on Processor Delta File

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Last Modified Date : 19/11/2018
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When attempting to generate and element in batch and then in foreground, I received a C1G0030E error stating that the processor delta file is missing.  It appears that the file was deleted in error and I don't have a backup of this file - what can I do to resolve this? 
If your site has  no backups of these files the only way that you can resolve this is to run an action in batch that executes the processor in question.  In the JCL, store C1MSGS1 DD to a dataset. After the execution of the job, you can use SORT to select and reformat into 80-byte records the processor source statements. This can be done since all processor statements are prefixed with message C1G0249I. 

You could run many actions and extract multiple processors from a single run. To do that, your SORT would need to select also lines with message C1G0246I PROCESSOR xxxxx loaded from” which prints in front of each processor. Turning that extract of C1MSGS1 into a stream of IEBUPDTE ADD MEMBER actions or splitting it into multiple members should be an easy task. 

To determine what processors to extract this way, you can use the CSV (Comma Separated Value) utility to extract processor group information. The extracted information will allow to discard any processors not named in any processor group (and therefore not used by Endevor). The CSV utility is documented in the Utilities guide. It can extract a flat file or a file in CSV format suitable to be loaded into an spreadsheet program.