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Last Modified Date : 23/08/2018
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To calculate size of a tape volume in compressed format, we have this formula -
BLKSIZE * BLKCNT / 100 * BYTEPRC / 100 * (100-COMPRESS) (((A1*B1)/100)*(((C1/100)*(100-D1))))
I have tapes which have BYTEPRC value as 000.
How can we calculate compressed size of this tape?
 also tried to get details on BYTEPRC under CA1 manuals, but did not find enough details.
Could you please provide more details on BYTEPRC, or reference for any manual on same?
The way to calculate this value is partially correct.
The BYTEPRC field helps to calculate the true number of bytes written to the tape.
If the BYTEPRC field is 0 then it takes the BLKCNT*BLKSIZE to get the number of bytes.
If the BYTEPRC is greater than 0 it is the BLKCNT*BLKSIZE*BYTEPRC which would be a lower number.