Bypassing SDM Context Menu Right Click

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Last Modified Date : 31/10/2018
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Some users have noticed spell check doesn't seem to work in Chrome and Firefox.  Is there a setting in Chrome setting that will allow the access to spell check?
CA Service Desk manager, 14.1 and higher

By default, when one right clicks in Chrome, the following context menu is presented:

User-added image

This is a menu that is specific to CA Service Desk functionality and is not the browser based menu that is presented normally when one would right click on a mouse.

To obtain the given menu that the browser would present, use Ctrl - Right Click (hold down Ctrl and right click).  

A different menu would then present.  In this case, for spell check:
User-added image

Additional Information:
As of this writing, Chrome and Firefox browsers are functioning correctly when it comes to context menu displays.  Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, may present differently when one chooses a right click.  Please note that the above functionality described is intended functionality.

See also:  KB000015821
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