Business Objects SQLAnywhere processes does not start automatically upon system startup on Linux and Solaris operating systems

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When you choose to perform a Boxi system installation all the required components are installed. In addition a script is created that, when run by someone withroot access, allows Business Objects BI Server to automatically restart after system startup.

Executing the <install dir>/bobje/init/ creates a BobjEnterprise120 script which is executed when the server comes up and should start all of the required boxi processes.

CABI 3.3 installs Boxi 3.1 SP5 which has the option of using SQLA as the Database instead of mysql.

The generated BobjEnterprise120 script always attempts to start mysql even if SQLA is the installed DB.


SAP has confirmed this a bug which will be addressed in Service Pack 6 (SP6).

SAP notes: 1697001 - SAPBusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP5:
Startup Script starting incorrect cmsdatabase on Unix

As a workaround you can manually edit the BobjEnterprise120 file or use the attached shell script. Please download the gzip file, extract it and execute a 'chmod +x' on the file if needed.

Execute the script in the same location as your BobjEnterprise120 Init script.


Replace the existing sections with the Modified section and change the username and password for the stop portion of the script:

  1. Update the startup portion of the script to start sqla instead of mysql

    1. Existing
      if [ -d "$BOBJEDIR"/mysql ]; then
      logger -p -t bobj "Started MySQL server"

    2. Modified
      if [ -d "$BOBJEDIR"/SQLAW ]; then
      logger -p -t bobj "Started SQLAW server"

  2. Update the shutdown portion of the script to stop sqla instead of mysql

    1. Existing
      if [ -d "$BOBJEDIR"/mysql ]; then
      DATABASEUID="bobje" DATABASEPWD=&quot;bobje&quot;"
      logger -p -t bobj "Stopped MySQL server"

    2. Modified
      if [ -d "$BOBJEDIR"/SQLAW ]; then
      DATABASEPWD=bobje;" { Please change the username and password}
      logger -p -t bobj "Stopped SQLAW server"

After executing the supplied script or making the suggested changes the boxi sqla processes will automatically come up upon a server restart.

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