Building Release Tapes from downloads using CAESDR

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A simplified version of the document detailing how to build an install tape from a Support Online download


This is a brief summary what to do with the CA Product you downloaded.

The full explanation can be found in TEC342790, which can be downloaded from the CA support web site.

First, you should have a ZIP file that you received from CA; UNZIP it.

One (or more) of the files will have an extension of ESD. It must be uploaded as BINARY object to a dataset with the attributes ' RECFM=U, LRECL=0, BLKSIZE=4096, type PS'

Then execute the program CAESDR from your Common Services library.

Here is some sample JCL with some options-

    //RESTORE EXEC PGM=CAESDR,PARM='NOVOL'                         1     
    //STEPLIB  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=your common services library             
    //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                             
    //SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=*                                              
    //TAPE     DD UNIT=ttttt,                                      2 
    //        LABEL=(1,SL,RETPD=99),                               3,4 
    //         DISP=(NEW,KEEP,KEEP)                                5 
    //DISK     DD DSN=your uploaded esd file,DISP=SHR 


  1. PARM='NOVOL' keeps the volume serial the same, although your install jobs will need to be changed to reflect that volume serial number

  2. ttttt is a generic name for a tape device used at your site, it can even be a virtual tape device

  3. SL If possible, standard label is less prone to problems than BLP

  4. RETPD=99 Check your tape management system to confirm retention will be honored

  5. DISP=(NEW,KEEP,KEEP) Use of KEEP prevents something from being accidentally over written in your catalog (you will have to keep track of the volume serial number)

Remember, the full details and other options can be found in TEC342790