CA Web Viewer Build 191 installed but not starting.

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Last Modified Date : 08/02/2019
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I have installed Web Viewer Build 191 into a new WebSphere v8.5.5.134 cell but the application is not starting and throws errors related to ClassNotFoundException. Can you confirm 191 works for WAS v8.5 ?
I just performed a new install from a maintenance Build of 12.1 Web Viewer and the application will not start. Why?
WebSphere v8.5.5.134
Web Viewer 12.1 Build 191
If by "installed Web Viewer Build 191 into a new WAS v8.5.5.134 cell" you mean that you downloaded and installed Solution 84 CUMULATIVE BUILD 191 FOR WEB VIEWER 12.1: PTF SO05739 to your new WAS cell, that will be a problem. Build 191, like all maintenance builds, are not to installed. Rather, they should be applied against an existing install, or more accurately, you update an existing install with a maintenance Build. 

The prescribed procedure for getting 12.1 Web Viewer at Build 191 to a new WAS cell is to first install the 12.1 Web Viewer base product - download CA Output Management Web Viewer Plus MULTI-PLATFORM 12.1 S1409 from and install it. Then download and apply SO05739 CUMULATIVE BUILD 191 FOR WEB VIEWER 12.1 or the latest maintenance.
Additional Information:
Maintenance Builds of 12.1 Web Viewer while cumulative, do dot include the full application. If "installed" by themselves (instead of on top of the base product), the application will not start/run.

The install image (.iso)  is available on   It includes all maintenance through cumulative build 179 and only maintenance greater than build 179 should be applied on it.  It includes Tomcat 8.5.4 when doing a full install.  

  • Go to and login.
  • Click on Download Management
  • In the box that says 'Search by Product Name, start typing Web V and select CA Output Management Web Viewer
  • Click on WEB VIEWER in the box below
  • Make sure Product Download is selected.
  • Click on the name of your product 
  • That will bring you to a page that looks like the one below.
  • Click on the cloud icon to the right of the .iso to download