BSRM - Driven Backup

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The general idea of a BSRM driven backup is that BSRM collects the list of files to be backed up based on an EDL query and kicks off a backup on this list.

In r11.1 backup will be executed by ARCserve\EB backup Windows servers only (r11.0, r11.1 & EB10.5). The backup command itself will be activated through the ARCserve\EB command line interface, using the ca_backup -f command.

BSRM driven backup will be activated both in interactive and in batch mode:

  • Interactive mode will be activated from a Query Result containing files, when the user selects interactively the files to be backed up from the window. Additionally interactive backup can be executed from the Volumes table for the whole volume.

  • Batch mode backup will be activated from a service, which can be activated either as a scheduled or as an automated service.

Therefore the solution for r11.1 is as follows:

  • BSRM will able to submit backup jobs to those ARCserve backup servers running on host managed by BSRM (where the BSRM management agent BOS is already installed)

  • Backup policies will be script files on the ARCserve server's machine. These files will be located in ARCserve Policies directory.

  • The configuration of the backup and setting up various objects ARCserve will be the sole responsibility of the user: For instance, when the backup batch/script file refers to a media group, it will be the user's responsibility defining this media group, as the actual validation and parameter checking will occur only when the backup is executed. In other words, if the parameters in the script file are defined incorrectly, only at backup time this will be validated, causing the backup failure.

NB, SRM Backup Driving have nothing to do with iGateway and iSponsors.

How to

Interactive mode



Highlight the Volume or the file you want to backup and select action- Backup from the menu.

Batch mode or Service Mode

  • From the main object tree on the window above, click on the "+" sign next to Services.
  • About end way down the expanded Services Branch, you'll find Backup.
  • Click on Backup to open the Backup Services window.
  • On the menu bar of this window you'll find a menu item of Configuration.
  • Click on Configuration - when the submenu displays, select New to open the Template window


Select the appropriate Service For Example Files- Extensions. And click next.


Choose type of data to be selected from the selection type. Click next


* Policy will reside under ARCserve Policies Folder on backup server machine

Now select the backup server that you want to use to backup the results. The above window will Display all BAB\BEB Windows server that are managed computers and registered under backup Servers.

Create New Policy; this is a file reside on backup Server under: \BrightStor SRM Data\Database\ARCserve Policies and contain ARCserve Command line, Please refer to BrightStor ARCserve help.

Select Create Backup Policy


Policy name: a name given to the File \Policy.

Group: By default it will use any Group, the user can Specify which Destination Group to use by typing the Group name as Displayed on ARCserve. The Same for Media and Media Pool.

Multiplexing: by default is not checked. Make sure that media Support Multiplexing.

Additional Ca_Backup Parameters

By Default nothing is added. The User can add BAB\BEB command line to the job.

For Example:

-cleararchbitClear archive bit after backup

Click on the backup option Tab:


By default Append to media is selected.

Delete Files After Backup-Delete source files from the source machine after they have been backed up to media.

Disable File Estimate-By default, before any file is backed up to media, BrightStor ARCserve Backup performs an estimate of how long the job will take.

Select this option if you want BrightStor ARCserve Backup to skip this function, saving time at the beginning of the backup.

Eject Media-select this if you want to eject media from the drive after the job finishes.

Please refer to BrightStor ARCserve help for Others Options and Command line.

Click next will take you to the summary


Job Description: by Default SRM Backup is the Job Description, user can edit and put his Description.

By Click Finish the Query Should run and a file asra03 new (policy name) should be created under BrightStor SRM Data\Database\ARCserve Policies and can be opened by notepad to check the Syntax of the command line.

User done all the above but Backup did not Run? Why?

First try interactive backup, if interactive backup work and backup service don't it most likely that service result was empty or do not have list of files-try the same as query service to check.

If both interactive and batch mode are not working then do the following:

  1. Go to BAB\BEB Server open task manager and check if ca_backup process exist and end process.

  2. Open command Prompt %BrightStor ARCserve Backup and try to run ca_backup + parameters command line to check if it work. If not then this is BAB issue, it can be some BAB security issue see below example:
    D:\Program Files\CA\BrightStor ARCserve Backup>ca_backup -source -filesystem c:
    Expert@efn-arc not validated in authentication server on efn-arc

    --- Do you want to create equivalence (default : y)?

    Please enter BrightStor Username for efn-arc : caroot
    Please enter Password :

    Executing command :ca_auth -cahost efn-arc -equiv add "Expert" "efn-arc" "caroot" "caroot" <password>

  3. If the above work then what is happing is that need to add SRM computer username and password to be equivalent to caroot by doing the following:

    ca_auth -cahost efn-arc -equiv add "Expert" "efn-arc" "caroot" "caroot" <password>

    Expert is the user used by SRM to collect efn-arc data, so I am adding expert to be equiv to caroot. Or the easy way is to logon to BAB\BEB machine with the same SRM collection user and run ca_backup command line and will ask:

    --- Do you want to create equivalence (default : y)?
    And by typing Y it will create equiv.

** The above security configuration will be done only once and backup driving will run.
** Look to BAB\BEB Latest Patches for ca_Backup command line there are some.