Browser Agent 10.1 Troubleshooting

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Last Modified Date : 18/04/2018
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BrowserAgent 10.1  - troubleshooting and checklist
APM Java Agent 10.1
General Troubleshooting guidelines
a) Make sure BRTM is enabled
-brtm.pbd is enabled in the in the core/config/<appserver>-typical or full.pbl
-BrtmExt.jar is under wily/core/ext
-introscope.agent.brtm.enabled=true in the agent profile
-introscope.agent.brtm.sustainabilityMetrics enabled=true in the agent profile
-when agent is starting verify if autoprobe log has “inserted method tracer object allocation: com/wily/introscope/agent/brtm/trace/BrtmTracer”
b) Incude extra properties in IntroscopeAgent.profile to start agent log and browser log:,logfile
c) Cleanup browser cache, download files and restart browser before troubleshooting.
d) Sample from agent log:

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Summary Checklist

Step#1: Check if snippet code is inserted into the page using browser network tab:  search for “WilyCmd” keyword in the source code of the page.

If not found:
-the request is excluded for exclude/include property setting
-clamp reached: verify sustainability metrics
introscope.agent.brtm.resourceLimit      -> clamp limit
introscope.agent.brtm.resource.count    -> current count
-reached throttle limitation
introscope.agent.brtm.throttleResponseLimit   -> clamp limit
introscope.agent.brtm.throttleResponse.count -> current count per interval, wait and try again!
-check if Content-type of the response is not “text/html” (check in the agent log “shouldWriteJavaScript contentTypeIncludesTextHtml: true(text/html)” )
-check if Content-encoding is set in the response (check in the agent log “shouldWriteJavaScript m_contentEncoding: gzip” )
-Increase the maximum content length value in the introscope.agent.brtm.snippet.maxSearchingLength  

Step#2: Check if there is a “?WilyCmd=cmdJS” request in developer tools network tab wit BIG javascript file response. To check problems accessing BIG js
If not found:
-check supportability metric:  introscope.agent.brtm.unsupportedBrowsers.count is > 1
-check if there are some errors in the developer tools Console tab
If found, but no BIG javascript file download:
-check if there are some errors in the developer tools Console tab
-check if errors in server log (access log)
-check the related processing login the agent “processWilyRequest…cmdJS…”
Step#3: Check if there is a “?WilyCmd=cmdMetrics” request in developer tools network tab.
If not found:
-check if there are some errors in the developer tools Console tab
If found:
-check if there is “Sending POST with…” log in developer tool Console tab and make sure the post parameters format is accurate
-check the related processing log in agent “processWilyRequest…cmdMetrics…”
-check if errors in server log (access log)

Common Issues
# 1 : No application, run time issue and no snippet insertion into the request
If application run into some issues / wily request is being blocked:
-try to exclude the full url
-try to redirect the wily request to different URL:
Add introscope.agent.brtm.wilyURL
Place new snippet somewhere and add introscope.agent.brtm.snippetLocation property
Modify wily request location in snippet.js in BrtmExt.jar(/js-clear):

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# 2 : Browser tracers no correlated with Introscope tracers:
-verify browser trace has the key name “CorBrowsGUID” with a string value
-verify that introscope trace passed the trace session
-the Introscope trace may have not passed the filters in the agent, check if following properties have been set: