Broker fails after 4 or 5 hours from starting with OutOfMemory Execption

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Last Modified Date : 13/04/2018
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DevTest Broker fails after 4 or 5 hours from starting. There are several phenomena below:
  • In the broker.log file, there are several messages which mean "cannot accept the network connection"
  • GC occurs very often.
  • There were not any free disk space for the partition "/" in the server which is installed DevTest Broker
To solve this problem we did below:
  1. There were many socket errors in the log files, then increased the value for "ulimit" ... the socket error is disappeared
  2. Deleted the files which are not needed in the partition "/"
  3. Increased the heap size from 2GB to 8GB
However, DevTest Broker still fails after 4 or 5 hours after starting again. Could you please give us any suggestions to stop failing?
Checked the rules.xml file and found that there were three agents for the application servers and almost all the detected level for the transactions were "full_data".  Then this problem seems overload.
The explanation in the manual:
Large Payloads

If you want the agent to capture large payloads in a short period of time, be sure to increase the following settings:
•Java heap size of the broker
•Maximum buffer memory

For information about how to update the Java heap size of the broker, see Memory Settings.

The Maximum buffer memory property is a broker property that you can configure from the Agents window of DevTest Portal. The name of this property in the rules.xml file is

An example of a large payload is 15 MB.

Without these changes, you might receive a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception in the broker.
Then if there are limitations for resources in the environment to expand, then please reduce the number of the transactions or reduce the time range to get the transaction.
Additional Information:
Here is the link for the manual which is described in the "Resolution":
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