BrightStor SRM Standard Canned Reports

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Note: The list below does not include the various configurable reports that can be extrapolated from the BrightStor SRM Service Builder Wizard.

My Storage Analysis Reports

Computers at Risk
Volumes at Risk
Total Storage by File System
Total Storage by Operating System
Total Storage by File Type
Total Storage by Access Date
Total Storage by Modify Date
Total Storage by Owner
Total Storage by File Size
Age Analysis (Access)
Age Analysis (Access) by Owner
Age Analysis (Modify)
Age Analysis (Modify) by Owner
Size Analysis
Size Analysis by Owner
Owner Analysis
File Extension Analysis
File Extension Analysis by Owner
Security Group Analysis
Directory Analysis

Standard Table, Graph, List, and Trend (where selected) Views

TSM Accounting Sessions

Backup Accounting Sessions
Today Accounting Sessions
Scheduled Accounting Sessions
General Accounting Sessions
Archive Accounting Sessions
Restore Accounting Sessions

TSM Drives

SCSI Drives
Drives by Library
8mm Drives
Online Drives
4mm Drives
Offline Drives

TSM Events

Not Completed

TSM File Space

Oldest Last Backup
Most Files
Highest Capacity
Highest Utilization

TSM Libraries

Manual Libraries
SCSI Libraries

TSM Nodes

Slowest Nodes
Nodes by Severity Counter
Nodes by Server
Nodes by Network Transfer Rate
Node Usage
Medium Risk Nodes - Warning Severity
Least Backup Storage
Nodes not Accessed Today
Least Total Storage
Top Total Storage
Low Risk Nodes - Harmless Severity
High Risk Nodes - Critical Severity
High Risk Nodes - Fatal Severity
Fastest Nodes

TSM Processes

Space Reclamation Processes
Backup Storage Pool Processes
Processes by TSM Server
Completed Processes
Copy Storage Pool Processes
Processes Today
Migration Processes
Reclamation Processes
Delete FileSpace Processes
Expiration Processes
Expire Inventory Processes
Failed Processes
Incomplete Processes
Database Backup Processes
Checkin LibVolumes Processes
Unknown Processes

TSM Schedules

Selective Schedules
Archive Schedules
Schedules by Server
Expired Schedules
Command Schedules
Restore Schedules
Macro Schedules
Incremental Schedules
Other Schedules

TSM Servers

Servers with Least Available DB Space
Top Database Utilization
Data Movement
Servers at Risk - Objects Failed
High Risk Servers - Fatal Severity
Medium Risk Servers - Warning Severity
High Risk Servers - Critical Severity
Top Log Utilization
Low Risk Servers - Harmless Severity
Top Severity Counter
Top Backup Storage

TSM Sessions

Missed Sessions
Backup Sessions
Pending Sessions
Started Sessions
Sessions with Errors
Failed Sessions
Future Sessions
Severed Sessions
Other Sessions
Slowest Sessions
Rejected Sessions
Transfer Information
Fastest Sessions
Sessions Today
Sessions by Transfer Rate
Sessions by Node
Archive Sessions

TSM Storage Pools

Collocate Pools
Non Disk Pools
Non-collocate Pools
Disk Pools
Full Pools

TSM Volumes

Full TSM Volumes
DR Volumes
Unavailable Volumes
Read-write Volumes
Volumes by Library
Least Free Space
Volumes by Storage Pool
Filling Volumes
Top Write Errors
Top Read Errors
Top Drive Inserts
Read-only Volumes
Volumes by Server

Disk Array Applications

LSI Logic Applications
IBM ESS Applications
EMC Symmetrix Applications
Hitachi Applications

ARCserve Changer Slots

Arc Changer
Slots BrightStor Backup Changer Slots
ARCserve Changer Slots - All

ARCserve Changers

Arc Changers
ARCserve Changers - All
BrightStor Backup Changers

ARCserve Domain
ARCserve Drives

BrightStor Backup Drives
Arc Drives
ARCserve Drives - All

ARCserve Errors

ARCserve Errors - All
Arc Errors
BrightStor Backup Errors
Portal BrightStor Backup Errors

ARCserve Hosts

Arc Hosts
BrightStor Backup Hosts - All
ARCserve Hosts - All
ARCserve Hosts - Incomplete
BrightStor Backup Hosts - Incomplete

ARCserve Job Definitions

Failed Job Queues
Arc Job Defs
Done Job Queues
Finished Job Queues
BrightStor Backup Job Definitions
ARCserve Job Definitions - All
Hold Job Queues
Cancelled Job Queues
Incomplete Job Queues
Ready Job Queues
Crashed Job Queues

ARCserve Jobs

Finished Jobs Today
Failed Jobs
Arc Jobs
ARCserve Jobs by Type
Jobs Today
BrightStor Backup Jobs - All
Finished Jobs
BrightStor Backup Jobs by Type
BrightStor Backup Jobs by Start Time
Incomplete Jobs
Cancelled Jobs Today
ARCserve Jobs by Start Time
ARCserve Jobs - All
Failed Jobs Today
Incomplete Jobs Today
ARCserve Jobs not Finished
Cancelled jobs
BrightStor Backup Jobs not Finished

ARCserve Last Backups

ARCserve Last Backups - All
BrightStor Backup Last Backups
Arc Last Backups

ARCserve Locations

ARCserve Locations - All
BrightStor Backup Locations
Arc Locations

ARCserve Media

BrightStor Backup Media
Offline Media
ARCserve Media - All
Media In Save Sets
Other Media
Media in Scratch sets
Arc Medias
Online Media
Normal Media

ARCserve Owners

BrightStor Backup Owners - All
Arc Owners
ARCserve Owners - All

ARCserve Pools

Arc Pools
BrightStor Backup Media Pools
ARCserve Media Pools - All

ARCserve Servers

ARCserve Servers - All
Arc Servers

ARCserve Servers - All

Portal BrightStor Backup Servers
BrightStor Backup Servers
Enterprise Backup Servers
ARCserve Servers

ARCserve Sessions

Incomplete Sessions
ARCserve Sessions - All
ARCserve Sessions - Most Files Missed
Failed Backup Sessions
ARCserve Sessions by Files Missed
Arc Sessions
Cancelled Sessions
ARCserve Sessions not Finished
BrightStor Backup Sessions not Finished
Active Sessions
Failed Sessions Today
BrightStor Backup Sessions by Files Missed
Portal BrightStor Backup Sessions not Finished
BrightStor Backup Sessions - Most Files Missed
BrightStor Backup Sessions
Finished Sessions

ARCserve Sources

Arc Sources
ARCserve Sources - All
BrightStor Backup Sources - All

Disk Arrays Enclosures

Disk Arrays

Disk Arrays at Risk
LSI Logic Disk Arrays
IBM ESS Disk Arrays
EMC Disk Arrays
Hitachi Disk Arrays
Disk Arrays with Unallocated Space
Disk Arrays Storage Utilization
Disk Arrays Not Updated Today
Disk Arrays with Unassigned LUNs

Disk Arrays Logical Disks

EMC BCV Logical Disks
EMC R1 Logical Disks
EMC BCV R2 Logical Disks
EMC R2 Logical Disks
EMC BCV R1 Logical Disks
EMC STD Logical Disks
IBM ESS Logical Disks
Hitachi Logical Disks
LSI Logic Logical Disks
EMC RDF Logical Disks
Disabled Logical Disks

Disk Arrays Raid Disks

Unallocated RAID Disks
Unallocated RAID Disks
RAID Disks at Risk
Raid Disks
RAID Data Disks
EMC Symmetrix RAID Disks
Spare RAID Disks
Online RAID Disks
LSI Logic RAID Disks
Hitachi RAID Disks
Offline RAID Disks

Raid Groups


Backup Client


Backup Events

Critical Events Today
Warning Events Today
Backup Events Today
Backup Servers


Classes - All
Classes by Creation Date
Classes by Modified Date


Portal Computers more than 80% full
Portal Computers - Least free space
NetWare Computers
Computers - Netware 4
Computers at Risk
Computers more than 80% full
Computers more than 70% full
Computers by Size
Computers - Windows NT
Computers - Windows 2000
Computers - Windows
Computers - UNIX
Computers - Top % Occupied
Computers not updated today
Computers - Netware 5
Computers with Active Launchers
Computers - Netware 3
Computers - Netware
Computers - Least free space
Computers - All
Computers - Active
UNIX Computers
Windows Computers
Computers - Not Active
Computers with Launchers
LINUX Computers
Full Computers
For Rfi
Managed Computers
Computers more than 90% full


Full Domains
Domains more than 90% full
Domains more than 80% full
Portal Domains by size
Domains more than 70% full
Domains by Size
Domains - Top % Occupied
Domains - NT
Domains - Not Active
Domains - NIS
Domains - NDS
Domains - Least free space
Domains - All
Domains - Active
Domains at Risk
Windows Domains

Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes

Portal Mailboxes - Top Oldest Mails
Portal Mailboxes - Top Biggest Mails
Exch Mailboxes
Exchange 5 Mailboxes Storage Utilization
Exchange 5 Messages Space by Age
Mailboxes - All
Mailboxes - Top Attachment Size
Mailboxes - Top Biggest Mails
Mailboxes - Top Message Size
Mailboxes - Top Oldest Mails
Mailboxes by Aging
Mailboxes by Attachment Size
Mailboxes by Message Size
Mailboxes by Sizing
Exchange 5 Messages Count by Size

Exchange 5.5 Organizations

Exch Organizations
Organizations - All

Exchange 5.5 Private Folders

Portal Private Folders by Message Size
Exch Private Folders
Private Folders by Message Size
Private Folders by Attachment Size
Private Folders - All

Exchange 5.5 Public Folders

Exchange 5 Public Folder Space by Age
Portal Public Folders by Message Size
Exch Public Folders
Exchange 5 Public Folder Message Count by Size
Exchange 5 Public Folder Storage Utilization
Public Folders - All
Public Folders by Message Size
Public Folders by Attachment Size
Public Folders - Top Oldest
Public Folders - Top Biggest

Exchange 5.5 servers

Servers - Public Folder Aging
Exchange 5 Private Store Statistics
Exch Servers
Exchange 5 Public Store Statistics
Exchange 5.5 Private Store Statistics
Exchange 5 Storage Utilization
Exchange 5 Servers not Updated Today
Servers - Public Folder Sizing
Exchange 5 Servers at Risk
Servers - Private Folder Aging
Servers - Private Folder Sizing
Servers by % Public Utilization
Servers by % Private Utilization
Servers - All

Exchange 5.5 Sites

Exch Sites
Sites - All

File Groups

Group Data Collection
Services - Group Data Collection
Group Details - All
Group Details
Group Results by Class Name
Group Results
Group Results - All

Legato Networker


Exchange 2000/2003 Mailbox Stores

Mailbox Store Storage Utilization
Mailbox Stores
Mailbox Stores at Risk

Exchange 2000/2003 Mailboxes

Message Count by Size
Mailbox Storage Utilization
Message Space by Age

Exchange 2000/2003 Organizations

System Activity

Informational Messages
Warning Messages
Activity Today
Service Execution Summary
Periodic Data Collection Summary
Attention Messages
Host Data Collection Summary
Error Messages


NetApp Filers

Filers at Risk
Filers Not Updated Today
NetApp Filers

NetApp Qtrees

NetApp Qtrees
NetApp Quotas
Quotas at Risk

NetApp Raid Disks

NetApp RAID Disks
Parity RAID Disks
Free RAID Disks
Active RAID Disks

NetApp Raid Groups

NetApp RAID Groups
Free RAID Groups

NetApp Snapshots

Hourly Snapshots
Weekly Snapshots
Daily Snapshots
NetApp Snapshot Definitions
Snapshots by Age
NetApp Snapshots

NetApp Storage Usage

NetApp Storage Usage
Top Owners

NetApp Volumes

Filer Volumes Snapshot Utilization
NetApp Volumes
Filer Volumes Files
Filer Volumes at Risk
Filer Volume Storage Utilization

Oracle Datafiles

Oracle Datafiles
Datafile Space Utilization
Datafiles at Risk

Oracle Extents

Index Segments

Index Segments
Table Segments
Oracle Segments
Biggest Table Segments
Biggest Index Segments

Oracle Tablespaces

Oracle Tablespaces
TableSpace IO Statistics
Offline TableSpaces
TableSpaces at Risk
Temp TableSpaces
TableSpace Storage Utilization

Oracle Instances

Instances at Risk
Instance Storage Utilization
Instances not Updated Today


Owners by Distinguished Name
Owners - All
Owners - Global Groups
Owners - Groups
Owners - Local Groups
Owners - Users

Physical Disks

Physical Disks by Free Space
Physical Disks - All
Physical Disks - Least free space
Physical Disks - Top % Occupied
Physical Disks by Size
Physical Disks more than 70% full
Physical Disks more than 80% full
Physical Disks more than 90% full
Physical Disks with Unallocated Space
Portal Physical Disks by Free Space
Direct Attached Disks
Physical Disks
SAN Attached Disks

Physical Extents

Ready Extents
Offline Extents
Physical Extents
Data Extents
Parity Extents
Physical Extents

Exchange 2000/2003 Private Folders

Private Folders
Private Folder Storage Utilization
Private Folder Space by Age
Private Folder Message Count by Size


Procedures by Modified Date
Procedures by Creation Date
Procedures - All

Exchange 2000/2003 Public Folders

Public Folders
Public Folder Message Count by Size
Public Folder Space by Age
Public Folder Storage Utilization

Exchange 2000/2003 Public

Public Stores at Risk
Public Store Storage Utilization
Public Stores

Exchange 2000/2003 Servers

Exchange Server Storage Utilization
Mailbox Store Statistics
Public Store Statistics
Exchange Servers at Risk
Exchange Servers not Updated Today

Exchange 2000/2003 Storage Groups

Public Message Count by Size
Mailbox Space by Age
Mailbox Message Count by Size
Public Message Space by Age
Storage Groups at Risk
Storage Groups
Storage Group Utilization


Portal Quotas - Top Usage
Quota Utilization
Quotas - Top Usage
Quotas - All
Quotas - Limit Defined
Quotas - No Limit Defined
Quotas Limit Defined Quotas - Top Allocation
High Quota Utilization

SAN Fabric

Fabric Down
Fabric Severity Critical
Fabric Severity not Normal


HBA Severity not Normal
HBA Severity Critical
HBA Down


Ports Connected
Ports Warning Severity
Ports not Connected
Ports Minor Severity
Ports Major Severity
Ports Down Severity
Ports Critical Severity


SAN Down
SAN Severity not Normal
SAN Severity Critical

SAN Switch

Temperature not Normal
Switch Summary
Switch Severity not Normal
Switch Severity Critical
Switch Power not Normal
Switch Down

SAN Switch Port

Switch Ports Warning Severity
Switch Ports Used
Switch Ports not Connected
Switch Ports Major Severity
Switch Ports Down Severity
Switch Ports Critical Severity

Security Groups

Security Groups - All
Security Groups by Distinguished Name

SQL Server Data Files

Full SQL Data Files
SQL Data Files by Size

SQL Server Databases

SQL Databases at Risk
Data File Utilization
SQL Databases in Emergency Mode
Inaccessible SQL Databases
SQL Database Storage Utilization
Offline SQL Databases

SQL Server File Group

SQL File Group Storage Consumption
SQL File Groups at Risk

SQL Server Log Files

SQL Log Files by Size

SQL Server Servers

SQL Server Storage Utilization
SQL Servers Not Updated Today
SQL Servers at Risk

SQL Server Tables

Full SQL Tables
Biggest SQL Tables
SQL Non System Tables
SQL System Tables

Storage Analysis

Total Storage by Access Date
Total Storage by Access Date Report
Total Storage by File Size Report
Total Storage by File Size
Total Storage by File System Report
Total Storage by File system
Total Storage of WEB Files
Total Storage of Compressed Files
Total storage of Executable Files
Total Storage of Media Files
Total Storage by File Type Report
Total Storage of MS Office Files
Total Storage by File Type
Total Storage by Modify Date Report
Total Storage by Modify Date
Total Storage by Operating System
Total Storage by Operating System Report
Total Storage by Owner
Total Storage by Owner Report VOLUME_STAT_AGING_ACCESS
File Age Analysis per Computer by Access Time
File Age Analysis by Access Time
File Age Analysis by Access Date
File Age Analysis by Modify Date
File Age Analysis per Computer by Modify Time
File Age Analysis per Computer by Modify Date
File Age Analysis by Modify Time
3rd-level Directories
Root-Level Directories
1st-level Directories
2nd-level Directories
File Size Analysis
File Size Analysis per Computer
File Type Analysis
File Type Analysis per Computer

Veritas NetBackup



Users - Local
Users - All
Users - Global
Users by Distinguished Name


Volumes - NT
Volumes not updated today
Volumes - Top % occupied
Volumes - UNIX
Volumes - Least free space
Volumes - All
Volumes by Size
UNIX Volumes
Portal Volumes - Least free space
Portal OpenSystems Volumes
Volumes - UNIX Raw Devices
NetWare Volumes
Volumes - UNIX File Systems
Volumes - Netware
Volumes more than 70% full
Volumes more than 90% full
NTFS Volumes
FAT Volumes
Volumes with least Free Space
Portal Volumes more than 80% full
Full Volumes
Raw Volumes
Volumes at Risk
Volumes more than 80% full
Volumes with most Free Space

Volume Groups

Volume Groups by Free Space
Volume Groups - All
Volume Groups by Size
Volume Groups more than 70% full
Volume Groups more than 80% full
Volume Groups more than 90% full
Volume Groups with Unallocated Space
Volume Groups