BrightStor SAN Manager and BrightStor Storage Resource Manager Integration

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When there is a need to integrate BrightStor Storage Resource Manager (SRM) and BrightStor SAN Manager (BSM) there are 4 steps which need to be performed.

Update: With build 55 of SRM you can now run the integration with full blown SRM on the BSM host. Disregarding steps 1 and 2.

  1. It is recommended to only have the SRM client on the BSM host. As SRM cannot manage another SRM host if it's an application server. So if you need to connect to a remote server this will not work.

  2. There is a requirement that is on page 160 in the SRM User Guide which explains this step. You need to add the SRM Application server to the host definition with "Open Systems" in the host name field, otherwise there will be an error displayed when you try you launch SRM in context. Once you do this it will work

    Figure 1

  3. Discover the SRM Application server. Make sure you have registered your application before this step. Run this command using the IP address of the SRM Application server (storutil discover -a SRM,IPADDRESS,SAN)

    After this completes you will see the SRM BPV in your topology. If the SRM/Application BPV is empty run storutil in debug and check for any discrepancies.

  4. If you have not registered your application such as Oracle prior, and you right-click SRM View on that object you will get a popup about "host definitions". Simply register your application in SRM. Although you will be able to drill down into the file systems volume objects and pull up SRM that way.