Branding Ca Identity Portal Logo Example

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Example about How to Branding the CA Identity Portal Logo with your Company Logo.





This is just an example of many others that can be used to obtain similar results.

When customers trying to branding the logo they found the Ca Identity Portal text cannot be removed easily and remains at front of the background image and difficult to set  their own company logo at left upper corner.


vApp 14.01Chrome

1.       Login the Portal  and then Click on “CA Identity Portal” and then right click to Inspect the page elements





**On this example, we will use the image-error element (highlighted in yellow color) to create the CSS rule , using with the following syntax :



display: none !important; }


 2.       Open the Ca Identity Portal Adminui and  From Portal Admin UI , we can Set the Logo Properties as following example :





3.       Always on Logo Section, Go to Custom CSS, to add the CSS rule syntax created previously, to unable the Default Logo.




Syntax :



display: none !important; }


*** the above CSS rule example will produce the “Ca Technologies Identity Portal “ logo not be displayed


4.       Save the Changes and Refresh or Re-login the Ca Identity Portal, it should looks like the following:









Additional Information:

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