BPXBATCH error - pax: checksum error on tape (got eb0a, expected 0)

Document ID : KB000045097
Last Modified Date : 09/04/2019
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After downloading a Pax file for CA Datacom, running BPXBATCH to extract the files from the archive produces an error message:

pax: checksum error on tape (got hhhh, expected 0)
    where hhhh is a hexadecimal value.

This checksum error is usually the result of one or more of these things:
  1. The USS filesystem was not large enough to contain the entire Pax file
  2. The download of the file was not completed due to some connectivity error
  3. The file was not downloaded as BINARY
    Please delete the download file, ensure the receiving filesystem is large enough to hold the download file, and download it again using BINARY.
    Additional Information:
    As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.